About Us

About ArizonaFIRST :

  • Increase Awareness
  • Provide Structure
  • Improve Preparedness
  • Disaster Recovery

Working together, we can help to curb the confusion and difficulties that usually accompany an emergency. Our members are proud to partner with ArizonaFIRST and will continue to bring you the finest financial products and services, no matter what a crisis entails.

Our Mission is to enhance the ability of member institutions to respond and recover from incidents affecting the financial sector by fostering partnerships and collaboration between public sector agencies, public utilities, service providers, volunteer agencies and infrastructure providers.


Our Goal is to increase awareness, provide structure, and communication to improve emergency preparedness and disaster recovery to the Arizona financial sector. Build relationships with city, county, state and federal agencies including Arizona Division of Emergency Management, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Treasury Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Increase awareness and importance of the financial sector, and ensure appropriate participation in the state's Business Emergency Coordination Center in the event of a crisis that affects Arizona’s financial community.


You can ArizonaFIRST Flier 2017.  Feel free to pass the information obtained within to other financial institutional leaders.



Membership is available to all financial organizations.   Annual membership cost is $100 per organiztion for up to 8 members from the same organization.

To join the ArizonaFIRST Coalition, please submit an e-mail to president@arizonafirst.org for membership information.